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Young Women Need Action on Rape

The Need for Support Services for Young Women and Girls

In Devon and Torbay

 National Statistics

  • 18,915 recorded sexual offences against under 16s in 2012 (Police)
  • 36% of all rapes are committed against children under 16 (Home Office)
  • 72% of children do not tell anyone at the time of their abuse (Home Office)
  • A rise in the prosecution of child abuse images to 20,373 in 2012-13 (Police)
  • 1 in 3 girls experience unwanted sexual touching in school (YouGov/EVAW)
  • 1 in 3 teenage girls experience sexual violence from a partner (NSPCC)
  • 22% of women contacting Devon Rape Crisis Service are adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Age profile of service users of Devon Rape Crisis Service is greatest in 18-24 range

 Devon and Cornwall Police Data

October 2013- September 2014

  • 589 sexual offences reported by those aged 17 or under in Devon and Torbay
  • Estimated incidence of over 6,000 (British Crime Survey)

 Issues with the Current Provision in Devon and Torbay

  • Provision limited to certain groups
  • Direct support services are only available through agency referral
  • Direct support services limited to those who have reported or disclosed

 Implications for Young Women and Girls

No specialist service for young women and girls who

  • have not told anyone else
  • are too scared to disclose
  • fear a police intervention
  • want to explore their options for reporting
  • want an anonymous service
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