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Action Points from AGM 19th May 2015



PRESENT: Emma, Mandy, Catherine, Linda, Annie Yvonne Moira Liz Kate

1.Discussion about the year we have just had


Really good well organised conference. Attendees said it was fabulous and others said they were sorry they missed is. Great to have so many varied workshops which were really enjoyed and good speakers.

Conference good for Brand recognition – many not heard about us before and we got a lot of ‘respect’ from the conference. Numbers were not as many as hoped for. Learnt that if we are to be more effective we need to up our marketing and perhaps buy in specialist marketing skills.


1.1.1On 21st Yvonne is meeting with Leane Bramal who was part of a workshop to discuss if she could help with this

1.1.2 Should we consider a smaller event next year or something else?

 1.2 Issues surfaced during the year were:

  • We must be careful not to be seen to have any links with political parties though we can lobby them on gender issues
  • Should we have meetings around Devon as this dilutes attendance and prohibits continuity?
  • Are start times at 6.30 OK = broadly agreed yes
  • Is there conflict between feminist groups through miscommunication;. How can we work with Exeter Uni to assist feminist groups and  communicate with student feminist societies?
  • Can we build partnerships so we can work with other to achieve more?


1.2.1 Everyone to bring a list of known groups businesses charities and agencies who are working to support or would be interested in supporting us to promote gender equality. This may help us identify groups to target for closer partnership working

2.Receive the annual financial statements


2.1 Agreed to keep a reserve  

2.2 Grant funding

Preference will be given to fund:

  • IWD   8th March
  • Reclaim the Night End of November
  • Billion women rising Middle of February

2.3 Applications will be sought twice a year on a first come first served basis for grants for causes we have agreed to prioritise during the year

2.4 Details of how applications will be invited and agreed to be decided on advice of treasurer and it was suggested a grant sub group to be set up.

2.6 Agreed that FD  Budget for room hire and other expenses and other funds 

2.7       More discussion on this year’s strategic priorities will be discussed. The strategic priorities will be those agreed by the group are most important to promote gender equality in relevant campaign areas in Devon

2.8 It was agreed that before we make a final decision we should consult with women through facebook and website /newsletters on what these priorities might be – how to consult to be decided at the next meeting

3.Discussion about the year ahead and opportunities it presents

3.1 Areas of interest

Workshop on How to keep Safe in the Club scene at Night


3.1.1 Action

Linda and Moira to liaise to ensure that this is not being already done by a local Exeter group that was suggested by a radio interview


          Sex and relationship Education in Schools in Devon - what is happening?

3.1.2 Action

1.CatherineDiscuss with Devon Voice report on  what they are doing and/or is happening

2.Liz will discuss with the Plymouth Uni Institute of Education to find out what research is being done and what they understand is happening in Devon

3.Annie will contact Beat to ask what they are doing/understand is happening


          3.1.3 Action

Moira to see if she can find out what WOW is planning next year to see if FD can have a role to play under the WOW umbrella

          Partnership working with Students in Plymouth Media Arts

3.1.4 Action

Annie to liaise with Liz Wells and go and speak to students to see if any would be interested in working with FD on an equality media arts project e.g. making films to be uploaded to You Tube. Can we use the Tedex research proposal model to make a proposal to them after this initial meeting?

4.Feedback on discussions with the Fawcett Society


  • Agreed to  Chaire of fawcett invite Belinda  Phipps to meet up with us and discusspartnership at her next visit to Devon – Yvonne to action
  • Agreed we do not want to engage in fundraising

5.Volunteers to play the following roles for this next year

  • Co-oordinator,  Yvonne until September she will write a role  description  volunteer needed after that Annie will support
  • Treasurer;  Kate for the year she will write a role description to include treasurer’s role in  inviting and receiving grant applications and monitoring grants
  • Minute writer Annie
    • Equality Reference Group  Linda will continue as the representative shadowed by Mandy and will hand over to her when she is up to speed. Mandy will substitute in Linda absence while she is shadowing. Linda to sub for her when she takes over
  • Social Media focuses on twitter and facebook a group of 5 volunteers needed to make a difference Moira  and Annie to coordinate
  • Website Emma and Catherine to meet with Yvonne to discuss website and learn how to upload information and to refresh the design and consider improving the platform


To be discussed at next meeting


7.Dates Venue and Programme for the Autumn

  • Next Meeting 9th June Exeter
  • September 2015 Jackie Longwith and  Ben Neild on Women’s pay  and opportunities for work in the south west and the gender gap Exeter 22 25th 29/30 September  Suggested dates
  • October/November   Ian Clewlow and Mandy.  The effect of changes in Probation and Criminal Justice System on Women Honiton date to be agreed?
  • October /November Modern Slavery Exeter? Date to be agreed
  • December Xmas Social? Exeter?
  • January  2016   to be decided but possibly What is the Inequality Women face in Health Service Provision is the NHS meeting women’s needs? Torquay?
  • May 2016 AGM Exeter




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