Friday, Apr 26th

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Thank you Exeter City Council for Listening to Women's Concerns

Exeter City Council has listened and responded to Fawcett Devon’s Concerns about Sexual Entertainment Venues in Exeter City Council.

We are grateful that the council listened to our deep concerns about lap dancing clubs a.k.a. sex entertainment venues or SEVs. Exeter City Council’s Labour groups decision to go out to consult on a Nil policy for SEVs in the new year is greatly welcomed by Fawcett Devon. In response we called off our campaign to demonstrate at the last council meeting at the Civic Centre Exeter.

Councillor Greg Sheldon, Lead Councillor for Environment and Leisure, said: "This is a really important policy and I think it is right that local people should be given the chance to have their say on the operation of lap dancing clubs and similar venues in the city."

The intention is to start the consultation in January 2013, with a view to completing it before County Council elections in May 2013. 

Fawcett Devon opposes sex entertainment venues. They are part of the  sex industry that normalises the objectification of women, commodifying female genitals and breasts for casual purchase. 

We believe most people in Exeter don't want to live in the sort of  culture that fails to recognise sexual predation, disregards the  normalisation of porn attitudes towards women and sees no harm in the commodification of women's bodies.

We hope to help the City Council with its consultation Fawcett Devon has established links with local and national leaders in this field and we would be happy to facilitate a city wide discussion on this issue.

We will be contacting all Fawcett supporters and keeping you informed about the consultation.

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