Friday, Apr 26th

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Women in Public Life Still Suffer Sexism

Is it any wonder that women still are reluctant to come forward for public office. In Britain we had the 'calm down dear' approach to former cabinet ministers who happen to be women by our own Prime Minister David Cameron . Is there any wonder that women are still underrepresented in the 'mother' of all parliaments. This week on BBC Radio 4 the Book of the week is a biography of Nancy Astor who was abused in a similar vein and frozen out by her colleagues in the Commons. OK so that was the 1920s-30s. So it has really changed then? No sadly not- the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Guillard is testament to this. 

Anyone who hasn't yet had the pleasure of listening to, and watching, Julia Gillard detail the sexist and misogynist attitudes and behaviour of the Opposition.
Go to YouTube - and see for yourself

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