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Calling for more women candidates

If Devon people are ever going to see a County Council that looks representative of its electorate we need far more women to stand in this year's County Council elections. 2nd May.
And the parties must put women candidates in potentially winnable seats. 

We call on women of all ages, ethnic minorities, with or without disabilitites, lesbian or straight - have confidence in your abilities. Stand for election. If no political party attracts you, then you can stand as an independent

Closing date - 12 noon Friday 5th April. For more info see here 


Will May 2nd local election day see gender bias reduced or increased?

In the 2009 County election this is how the parties' gender ratio of candidates looked  (Ind = independents)

Green Liberal Labour Lib Dem Con UKIP Ind total
female 18 3 23 18 12 6 1 81
male 24 4 33 44 50 27 12 194
ratio 1.33 1.33 1.43 2.44 4.17 4.50 12.00 2.40

And after the votes were counted, which parties had the best gender ratio of elected councillors?

Green Ind Labour Lib Dem Con TOTALS
female 1 0 3 4 8 16
male 0 2 1 10 33 46
ratio 0.3 2.5 4.1 2.9


For more on this subject see Centre for Women and Democracy plus  the Fawcett Society's - Women and Power Campaign


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