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Counting Women In Fawcett Society Campaign


Counting Women In!

5th Mar 2013

Because Equality = Good Politics!

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Women have waited long enough for change!

Solving the problem of women’s political under-representation is challenging and complex, and counting women into political life requires action on many fronts. Our whole political culture needs to be changed to work for women, rather than women adapting to fit into outdated cultural moulds: the status quo needs to be revolutionised.

The Fawcett Society has formed a coalition with the Centre for Women and Democracy, the Electoral Reform Society and the Hansard Society to campaign for equal representation of women in British political life. The Counting Women In coalition members have a shared aim  to secure equal representation and influence of women in Parliament and Government at national, regional and local level over the next 10 years.

What we want to see happen:

Because Equality = Good politics

What we’re doing

Fawcett  and its CWI partners are are working with each of the main three parties to help them to increase women’s presence and voice within their parties. We will continue to work with them and to highlight ways that they can take action to increase women’s representation.

The Counting Women In coalition also produces an annual audit of women’s representation across public life. It collects all of the evidence to show how women are faring in powerful positions across public life. Our latest report, Sex and Power 2013, presents a damning picture of women’s access to power and urges parties to take action to redress this inequalit – download it to the right of this page.

Find out more on the Counting Women In website.

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